Me2BA Executive Director Lisa LeVasseur featured on Masters of Privacy podcast

Written by Internet Safety Labs
May 19, 2021

Me2BA Executive Director Lisa LeVasseur was recently featured on the Masters of Privacy podcast, as part of a series of conversations with thought leaders working at the intersection of marketing, data, privacy, and technology.

In the interview, Lisa describes Me2BA’s approach to respectful technology behavior and discusses the Alliance’s work in standards development and independent testing.  The conversation touches on the broader issues of our evolving and personal relationships with technology products and services, and the potential for respectful behavior to provide a deeper and better level of engagement, to the benefit of individuals and businesses alike. It offers an excellent introduction to the Me2BA philosophy, approach, and goals. Take a listen, and share with your community.

The Masters of Privacy podcast is produced by PrivacyCloud, a Spanish and US company that develops tools to help people, marketers, and publishers take control of their data, their money, and their experiences, and is hosted by Sergio Maldonado, Privacy Cloud CEO, lawyer and leader in the marketing technology and data analytics space.