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Internet Safety Labs is on a mission to ensure product safety in connected products and services. We measure the behavior of software to catalyze safer products for everyone.  

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ISL Safety Standards

Develop open safety standards for connected technology.


Product Audits

Conduct product safety audits for technology developers and procurers.


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Research, measure & report on the behavior of connected technology.


Software Safety Labels

App Microscope displays Safety Labels for all the EdTech apps in our 2022 Safety Benchmark.



Internet Safety Labs launches App Microscope

July 31, 2023

We believe everyone deserves product safety and has the right to know the risks present in using digital technology.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch App Microscope, a freely available, web-based tool that displays product safety labels for mobile apps. Currently, it can present safety labels for the 1,722 K-12 EdTech apps included in our 2022 safety benchmark. Over time, it will generate safety labels for all mobile apps.

We’ve designed the ISL safety labels for app developers, school technology decision-makers, journalists, privacy advocates and regulatory enforcers, but it can be used by everyone to better understand risky behaviors of mobile apps.

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