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Internet Safety Labs is on a mission to ensure safety and human dignity in connected products and services. We measure the behavior of technology to catalyze product teams, policymakers, and researchers to take action.

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We test the safety of all the other products in our lives. Why not software?


Internet Safety Labs Champions Software Product Safety

November 7, 2022

We believe that the fundamental problem with software and software driven technology is that it’s simply not safe for humans. We have come to expect that products in the marketplace are safe, but “software” and “product safety” have never been combined in words or practice. The time has come. This introduction explains what software product safety is, how it took nearly 40 years to recognize software product safety hiding in plain site, and why it’s time for software product safety standards.

The Latest

Consumer Safety Scorecard for CCPA’s Formal Rulemaking

Consumer Safety Scorecard for CCPA’s Formal Rulemaking

Our first application of the ISL Consumer Safety Scorecard for Regulation is for the California Consumer Privacy Act regulations recently proposed by the CPPA. It was a bit unusual to apply the scorecard to rulemaking—and not to the entire regulation—but we hope you’ll find it helpful.

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