First Official Me2B Alliance Recommendation

Written by Internet Safety Labs

November 3, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the Me2B Alliance has published its first official recommendation: “The Attributes for Safe and Respectful Me2B Commitments”.

This is a significant milestone for the organization that was the fruit of the entire community.

What does this mean?

What an official recommendation (or specification) means is that, similar to virtually all standards developing organizations, the document has gone through multiple approval stages. Namely, here’s the path this document took:

  1. Approved by the Respectful Tech Spec Working Group as a formal recommendation, 
  2. Approved by the Membership Council to move forward to a full community review and vote, 
  3. Reviewed by the full membership community, 
  4. Voted on and approved by the full membership community
    1. A full community vote requires that: 
      1. At least 33% of the community votes, and  
      2. A simple majority (51%) of cast votes approve the recommendation or spec.
        For “The Attributes for Safe and Respectful Me2B Commitments”, 38% of the membership community voted, and of those 100% approved the recommendation.
  5. Finally, after a recommendation or spec has been approved by the community, it is then sent to the Me2B Alliance Board of Directors for final approval, which happened on 10/27/21. 

So you can see that official recommendations and specifications are no mean feat!

How does this recommendation relate to forthcoming specs?

This somewhat short recommendation lists the high-level requirements for any Me2B Commitment that appears in a website or mobile app user experience. Each of these high-level requirements maps to several unique and specific tests in our Me2B Safe Specifications for Respectful Technology. In a sense, this recommendation is a kind of abbreviation of the key things that our specifications test for. And you’ll be able to see that soon as the Me2B Safe Website Specification for Respectful Technology is currently in the membership review stage of the approval process.

We hope that by publishing this brief recommendation, technology makers (B-s) can immediately start to apply the requirements to their technologies, creating safer and more respectful technology. (You’ll also have a leg up on passing Me2B Certification.)

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