Gratitude: Internet Society Foundation Grant Award

Written by Internet Safety Labs
November 23, 2021

As we move into the time of year when we highlight the celebration and sharing of gratitude, Me2B Alliance would like to express our gratitude to the Internet Society Foundation. The Internet Society Foundation recently granted the Me2B Alliance $100,000 to complete its “U.S. EdTech Industry Benchmark: Data Sharing in Primary & Secondary School Mobile Utility Apps.” The benchmark will build on previous findings about harmful data sharing practices by uncovering how sensitive student information is being treated by school utility apps in grades pre-k through 12 in schools across the nation.  

The Internet Society Foundation funds initiatives that strengthen the Internet in function and reach so that it can effectively serve all people. They work to ensure that the Internet is open, globally connected, secure and trustworthy. A perfect match to our work and we are proud to have been selected to receive the funding. The award validates our ongoing commitment to producing meaningful research and establishing best practices for safe and respectful technology to protect not just children and parents, but every person who interacts with Internet-connected tech. 

All of us at Me2BA would like to thank not only the Internet Society Foundation for their investment in our work, but also each member, follower, and future member for joining us as we work to ensure that all internet technology is safe and respectful. Much gratitude to you all.  

Read the complete News Release here.