Internet Safety Labs’ New Web-Based Resource App Microscope Receives Media Attention Into Edtech Safety for K12 Students

Written by Internet Safety Labs
August 4, 2023

Internet Safety Labs, a non-profit organization dedicated to independent software product-safety testing, released its newest offering App Microscope earlier this week, a free-to-use web-based resource designed to help school technology decision-makers and other interested parties understand the potential safety risks of Edtech mobile applications used by K12 students.

Through a simple search bar, users can mine information about the 1,722 mobile apps contained in the ISL 2022 K-12 EdTech Safety Benchmark, which analyzed data collected from 663 schools, covering more than 455,000 students across all 50 states.  Once queried, App Microscope displays the Internet Safety Labs safety label (ISL Safety Label) for mobile applications, rating them from Some Risk to Very High Risk, and summarizes the risky behaviors in a very clear and easy-to-understand single page. Over time, App Microscope will be able to generate safety labels for all apps.


Since the release of App Microscope on July 31st, ISL’s continued research into Edtech safety has generated media attention into the risky sharing of student’s personal information on school mobile applications (links below).

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