Membership Operating Procedures

Written by Internet Safety Labs
December 17, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that the Me2B Alliance has fully approved our Membership Operating Procedures. This significant milestone for the organization defines the governance, organization, and operating rules for the Me2B Alliance Membership activities, projects, and Working Groups. 

What was the process? 

The Operating Procedures were subjected to multiple approval stages which included: 

  1. The Membership Council reviewed the draft Operating Procedures weekly beginning in September 2021 and unanimously voted to approve them at the end of October 2021.
  2. The draft Operating Procedures then moved on to a two-week review period by the Full Membership Community.
  3. Following the review period, the Full Membership Community voted to approve the draft Operating Procedures. 43% of members voted (33% required) and 100% voted to approve (51% required).
  4. The last step in the process was a review and vote by the Board of Directors. This final approval occurred on December 10, 2021. 

This rigorous process ensured a thorough examination of the Operating Procedures which are a crucial part of our membership operations. 

What are the Operating Procedures?

The Operating Procedures are used by Me2B Alliance Members, Working Group Chairs, and Me2B Alliance Staff to provide governance for membership operations and ensure successful development of respectful tech specifications. They also define voting, our publication approval process, Working Group responsibilities, and much more. 

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