New Me-Board Member: Dr. Karina Alexanyan

Written by Internet Safety Labs
January 12, 2022

Dr. Karina Alexanyan has been elected as the first Me-Board Member for the Me2B Alliance and will serve on the Board of Directors alongside Lisa LeVasseur, Cam Geer, and Eve Maler. Alexanyan was born in Russia and grew up in Silicon Valley. She holds a PhD in Communication from the School of Journalism at Columbia University and has over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of technology and social science. Her expertise in communications and passion for helping organizations will bring further diversification to the board.  

“I’m really drawn to the mission of Me2B Alliance,” Alexanyan says. “I think the challenge of translating interpersonal dynamics into tangible metrics is a fascinating and important one. And I deeply believe that focusing on empathy and respectful behavior is a powerful way to create the types of relationships we want to see with the tools that we use – and, moreover, that these relationships will be beneficial for both people and businesses.”   

The Me2B Alliance Board of Directors strategically guides the direction of the organization and ensures that the programs operated by the Alliance are consistent with its mission. The Alliance enthusiastically welcomes Karina Alexanyan to the Board.