ISL Unveils Cutting-Edge Data Privacy Research Tools

Written by Internet Safety Labs
April 23, 2024

ISL is pleased to announce the publication of the following research tools: 

These are the tools ISL uses to generate safety scores and populate our Safety Labels in App Microscope. The data covers all the companies that appeared in our research since 2022–mainly companies that developed EdTech apps, SDKs found in the apps, or domains found in the network traffic of the tested apps. It also includes parent companies. 

The “risk” assessed in each of these tools is data privacy risk. ISL uses a scoring range of -1 (lowest risk) to -4 (highest risk), and the scoring rubric for each dictionary is described in more detail on the resource landing page for each dictionary. 

Update to App Microscope 

In addition to these new research tools, ISL is delighted to announce the addition of companies receiving data in our Safety Labels in App Microscope. We’ve added a summary and detailed section organized by risk level, showing the names of companies that were observed in the outbound network traffic from the app. Since the testing of each app varied a bit, it can’t be considered as complete information, but it is documented, actual traffic from the app testing session.  

ISL is pleased to be able to make these tools freely available to the public through generous funding from the Internet Society Foundation and Wrethinking, the Foundation.