August 12, 2021

This session will share the results and learnings of the creation and development of an ethical “yardstick” for respectful technology, including its application to websites and mobile apps. The speakers will also explore learnings from everyday people in the validation research around the certification mark as well as share recommendations for tech makers.

© This video is used with permission, courtesy of RSA Conference.

Lisa LeVasseur
Executive Director, Me2B Alliance

An MBA technologist with a background in Computer Science and Philosophy, Lisa began strategic work in cellular telecom industry standards in the late ‘90s while at Motorola. Since then, she has participated in 3GPP, 3GPP2, MEIF, WAP Forum, IETF, W3C, IEEE and Kantara Initiative. 

Cam Geer portraitCam Geer
Board Member, Me2B Alliance

Cam is a senior product executive, team builder and mentor to emerging talent, with expertise in Payments, Privacy (GDPR/CCPA), and emerging Self-Sovereign Identity technologies (VC/DID). A founder and business/product leader in several startups, Cam is an experienced problem preventer, namely, he foresees potential issues, and then navigates teams around them.