Measuring the Ethical Behavior of Technology at RSA Conference 2021

Written by Internet Safety Labs
August 12, 2021

Me2B Alliance’s Executive Director Lisa LeVasseur and Board member Cam Geer presented “Measuring the Ethical Behavior of Technology at the 2021 RSA Conference. In this session they shared an overview of the Me2B Alliance’s ethical “yardstick” for measuring technology, and the most current learnings from its application to websites and mobile apps. If you’re new to the Me2B Alliance, this presentation is an excellent overview of our Respectful Tech Specification and preliminary testing results.   

Experts from around the world gather at the RSA Conference to share insights on cybersecurity. This is an important platform for innovation and partnership in the respectful technology space. Check out the presentation video to learn about Me2B Alliance’s progress toward creating a safe and respectful world. 

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