July 5, 2022

Status: Current Specification
Superseding: Me2B Safe Specification v1.0

The Internet Safety Labs Safe Software Specification for Websites and Mobile Apps is a set of tests designed to guide and enable technology-makers to build safe, respectful digital products.  Version 1.1 adds high level mapping of how the ISL Safe Software Specification maps to both California privacy regulation (CCPA and CPRA) and GDPR. The specification includes this mapping for each and every test. 

Below you will find links to all the downloadable files.

Introduction: Intro to ISL Safe Software Specification v1.1 (pdf): This introduction provides an overview of the spec and explains how to use it.

Safe Specification Documents

Revision History
v1.05 Added CPRA and GDPR Mapping
v1.06 Changed name of Me2B Marriage Commitment commitment and organization name.
v1.1 Publication version