What We Offer

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We perform product safety audits for: 

  • Website and mobile app vendors interested in going the extra mile to keep their users safe.  
  • Institutions who want to make sure the technology they select is safe for their communities. 

While we test all kinds of websites and mobile apps, we have specialized expertise in EdTech.

Product Safety Audits

What is a product safety audit? 

Using the ISL software safety specification, we rigorously test web sites and mobile apps and identify places where they are or may be harming users.  

The ISL safety audit covers three key safety aspects: 

  1. Data Supply Chain:  Ensures that the data flow is both authorized by the user and doesn’t entail risky or dangerous data sharing.  
  2. Harmful Patterns in the User Interface: Ensures that the user interface doesn’t harmfully manipulate the user.  
  3. Inconsistencies between Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or other privacy labels, and actual product behavior: Ensures that the product behaves as described in all the relevant policies and labels.  
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What You Get

ISL product testers will perform a thorough audit of your product and provide a detailed report with safety scores and recommended actions. The audit includes one re-test. Pending the audit results, you may receive our ISL badge which you can proudly display, letting your users know you prioritize their safety   

The Process



Complete the request below to get the ball rolling.



When we receive your form, we’ll contact you to arrange a consultation with you and key stakeholders to better understand your needs. During this consultation, we’ll also walk you through the audit in more detail and determine the scope of the audit.



When you choose to go forward with an audit, you’ll complete a comprehensive Data Controller Questionnaire which is part of the published ISL Safe Software Specification. 



Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, we’ll conduct the audit of product(s), creating a detailed report on the scores and recommendations.


Results Review

When we finish the audit, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to walk through the detailed findings. 



The service includes one re-audit at your discretion, to be started within 10 months of the first audit.

Contact us to see how we can help make your technology safer.